Friday, 24 January 2014

feel dizzy with my thesis *only once not always! it just Thesis bro*

I feel very dizzy. Turning once !
I'm trying to solve my thesis , already 2 months but haven’t even finished .
how many times I revise ? hahahaha maybe about 5-6 times bobobo
ah , now I find it very stressful , of course stress. I would soon graduate from college with no bad results of course * aarrrrg I would like to *
ah ya , last week I submitted essay and I consider it fix . I promised to meet lecturer at 1 pm but the sudden rainy hard and finally we met 30 minutes later.
I sit in front of the faculty mentor , his name Mr. Danang . Wow at that time I was very confident that my thesis will be approved and then " why only consists of 4 chapters ? " eeh .. I was surprised to hear his question . What the ... ?brrrr
helloooo Mister, wouldn’t you tell me that my thesis only consists of four chapters : Introduction , Research Library , Research Methods and Conclusions & Suggestions ?
So why can you bring up the question ? Arrrgh ..Mister, I want to quickly test and graduate from university .
finally with all my heart, I try to revise for the last time
and yesterday at Thursday, I met again with Mr.Danang! aw aw..i can’t stop praying and I can hear my heart beat is very fast dag..dig..dug..
and the result is ..... ACCEPTED ! Alhamdulillah
Now I must trying to contact the head of the academic to quickly make my test schedule (oh really, she is also a very busy person )
but I'm sure I could go through this all because Allah always with me
Ganbatte Inaaaa! Sure I can do it!!
Inna maal usri yusraa
To be continued...

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